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Test event livestream

On the evening of June 8, at the Center for Scientific Discovery and Innovation (Quy Nhon City) the program Exploring the Starry Sky – Starry Night took place. This is an activity in a series of events at Vietnam Space Week – Binh Dinh 2023. Attending the program were Mr. Lam Nguyen Hai Long – Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Information Technology Association; leaders of the Department of Science and Technology; The delegation of astronauts from the United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), including: Mr. Michael Baker – former NASA astronaut, former US Navy captain and his wife; Dr. Josef Schmid – NASA surgeon and family physician; NASA expert Michael Koersier…

Here, students and the science-loving public can watch and enjoy musical performances and watch robot performances. At the same time, learn about astronomy by answering questions from the organizers; interacting with former NASA astronaut and STEM ambassador.

In addition, astronomy experts also directly explain the meaning of constellation names and common astronomical phenomena… On this occasion, the organizers arranged many telescopes and binoculars to help delegates, students and people watch the night sky.

– Huong Giang –

Test event livestream